Development of Backward Area

CCAL, with an objective to nurture backward areas in the country and to contribute to the overall socio-economic development of Pondicherry, located the chlor-alkali plant, in a Notified industrial area at Kalapet, which was a scenario of dry, barren land consisting of uneven terrains, 12 kms away from Pondicherry. In fact, CCAL was invited to Puducherry by the then local Government and the location was identified and notified as an industrial area by the Puducherry Government in order to encourage investment. CCAL, with an objective to nurture the backward areas and to contribute for the overall socio-economic development of Puducherry, agreed to locate their manufacturing facility at Kalapet.

CCAL is established in about 37 Acres of land of which approx. 9 Acres is the plant / facility area. The entire plant / facility is surrounded with lush greenery, and thus a vast green belt comprising of trees, herbs, shrubs and lawns covers more than 70% of the total extent.

CCAL - Membrane Cell Plant - a Trend setter

After Chemfab Alkalis Ltd, established its plant of 25 tonnes per day, and made a success-story of the membrane technology, the Government and Industry were thrilled at the enormous advantages of this technology, i.e. total avoidance of mercury coupled with 30% power saving.

The Government of India also took a policy decision that " No more Caustic Soda Plant using Mercury Cell shall be permitted to neither expand nor set up. All future Caustic Soda Plants in the country shall employ only MEMBRANE Cell Technology ".

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