Chlorates Plant

This facility, formerly known as Teamec Chlorates Limited, was the first to manufacture sodium chlorate crystals on a large scale in India.

This sodium chlorate plant uses the latest in electrolysis and crystallisation technology.

Working with the world leaders in the space, the Ongole plant was able to implement the latest in international technological know-how, engineering and equipment right from the initial set-up. The plant is completely automated and operates with the world-class, state-of-the-art technology.

With the environment at the core of our philosophy, the Ongole plant Chemfab Alkalis incorporates green technology into every step of the manufacturing process. The facility has contributed significantly to environmental protection, utilising green energy by using hydrogen to produce chilled water and hot air to dry the chlorate crystals.

These green initiatives have made a great impact on energy conservation and contribute significantly to climate change prevention.

Technology and Process

The process of preparation of sodium chlorates takes in brine as the major raw material, prepared using industrial grade salt dissolved in water

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Product and Quality

Using eco-friendly processes, the plant manufactures sodium chlorate crystals to extremely high quality standards

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Safety and the Environment

Safety is a top priority at all Chemfab facilities

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