Chlorates Division

Safety and the Environment

Safety is a top priority at all Chemfab facilities. At the Ongole plant, various programmes are conducted to generate and maintain awareness of safe work practices among staff and workers.

The plant follows clearly defined on-site and off-site emergency plans and conducts mock drills on a regular basis to ensure that the crew and safety systems are ready and prepared for any emergency situation.

The facility implements robust in-built safety systems at every step of the process and storage, with comprehensive fire safety systems. The factory premises is protected by a full-fledged fire hydrant system, covering all vital installations. Frequent fire drills are also conducted to tackle with any emergency situations.

The company has conducted a risk assessment study, which is regularly reviewed to meet statutory norms.Our capital investment in energy conservation equipment is significant and helps us improve our efforts toward sustainability.





The Ongole plant has implemented a number of eco-friendly measures within the facility that can impact energy conservation. The alternate sources of energy utilise hydrogen instead of conventional fuel, at every step of the process, to reduce carbon footprint. These measures include installation of a variable frequency drive for the pumps, and replacement of higher capacity pumps with pumps of optimised capacity.

The sodium chlorate plant at Ongole was the first in the country to use DTB crystalliser technology for sodium chlorate production. With more than one thousand trees, 40% of the area within the campus is covered with greenery.