Chlorates Division

Technology and Process

Chemfab has always been eager to remain at the cutting edge of technology, taking concepts from around the world to apply at the Ongole plant. During initial setup phase, Chemfab worked with Aker Kvaerner Chemetics, world leaders in design and supply of Sodium Chlorate plants, to discuss and determine the concept and know-how needed for the plant. TEAM also worked with Chemetics for basic engineering, training of personnel and supply major equipment like electrolysers.

The Dryer and Crystalliser were sourced from Whiting Equipment, Canada, a world-renowned designer and manufacturer of heavy industrial equipment. Every effort is utilised in technology absorption at the Ongole plant.

The process of preparation of sodium chlorates takes in brine as the major raw material, prepared using industrial grade salt dissolved in water. The brine plant at Ongole produces ultra-pure brine, which acts as feed-stock for the electrolyser. Electrolysis then takes place, producing sodium chlorate liquor.

In the electrolysis process sodium chlorate lye is produced, with hydrogen gas generated as a by-product. Hydrogen gas is a green fuel, which is being utilised to power the vapour absorption machine and produce chilled water. The balance, unused hydrogen is then purified, bottled and sold.

As a result of lowered consumption of power and fuel, the plant sees significant product improvement, cost reduction and product development.

The sodium chlorate lye is stored in vast storage tanks. The lye is then processed through Swenson draft tube baffle crystalliser, for producing slurry of crystals.

The crystals are separated from the slurry in a centrifuge and the wet crystalline sodium chlorate is processed in the dryer before being moved to the packing section through a screw conveyor to be packed in jumbo bags of one metric ton each.

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