Community Outreach

Under its Corporate Social Responsibility initiative, CCAL community development programmes aim at encouraging and upholding the traditional and cultural fabric of the local people. These programmes focus upon school education, sanitation, global cooling, gender equality, self-reliance and health and safety awareness.

We engage with communities around each of our Divisions and Plants to work with the local populace. We build great opportunities for livelihood expansion, and a large proportion of our workforce is sourced from the local community.

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, CCAL has set up a CSR Committee, constituted under the statutory requirements of Section 135 of the Companies Act, 2013. Through this Committee, we regularly undertake community and socially focussed activities.


The Organic Farming Assistance initiative is aimed to improve the employability of adults with special needs and thereby positively impact their quality of life by improving their livelihood, social acceptance and social status. This is achieved by teaching them vocational skills through specific skill-based agriculture and organic farm training in Pudhucherry, near the Kalapet Division.

In association with Satya Special School, CCAL arranges regular field visits to make the participants understand the concept of gardening. The participants are trained to identify different kinds of plants like vegetable plants, fruit plants, and flower plants.


We have been promoting education by providing financial assistance to deserving employment-enhancing vocational skills especially among women. These are to promote livelihood-enhancement projects.

CCAL has set up training centres near Kalapet to impart vocational training skills for women, through sewing machine operation, training them to stitch ladies’ dresses like churidhars, kurtas, etc. It has also provided assistance to fishermen of the community in repairing fishnets damaged by storms and other natural disasters.

We have also undertaken road safety projects with special emphasis on driver training programmes.


At CCAL, we believe that our students are the future. That’s why we invest in educational institutions and meritorious students from the surrounding communities. We offer cash awards to toppers from the villages surrounding our Plants.


We coordinate with the Eureka Child Foundation to implement the Innovative Village Education Programme, which is undertaken by a non-governmental organisation called Intercultural Network for Development and Peace (INDP), which has its base in Marakkanam and Pudhucherry.

We have started after-school classes in 7 villages, identified as poor and disadvantaged by CCAL. The learning centres provide quality inputs on Language, Mathematics and Science subjects to children starting from classes 1 to 8. The Company ensures that Eureka Child Foundation project implements innovative teaching techniques for imparting education to students who come from neighbouring communities.


CCAL has undertaken a number of assistance and outreach programmes in schools in the neighbouring villages. Among others, we have donated a Public Address System to the Government Primary School, Periya Kalapet Kuppam. We have also conducted programmes to encourage creativity in the students of local schools.

We also invest in technology incubators located within academic institutions, which are vetted and approved by the Central Government.

CCAL ensures environmental sustainability, ecological balance, protection of flora and fauna, animal welfare, conservation of natural resources and maintaining the quality of soil, air and water in the community. We also put in every effort to ensure global cooling, by planting trees, in coordination with NGOs.

We also contribute to the Central Government’s Clean Ganga Fund, and invest in the rejuvenation of local ponds in the vicinity of Kalapet.


In coordination with Annapradoshana Trust, CCAL has planted 100 trees on the Pondy-Tindivanam Highway near Mortandi Tollgate. This is, of course, in addition to the hundreds of trees and local flora that we grow on our own premises at the Kalapet Plant.


We promote health and safety programmes within the community, providing community development in the form of annual cash assistance and medical aid to the local community. CCAL-ites also conducted a Blood Donation Camp with JIPMER Hospital, on January 19, 2017 in honour of our Founder Chairman’s Remembrance Day.

CCAL has also provided preventative and general health care campaigns, community and health awareness programmes, and rural development programmes.


CCAL has provided water and road facilities to local villages, and sanitation endeavours, including contribution to the Swach Bharat Kosh set up by the Central Government for the promotion of sanitation and provision of safe drinking water. CCAL has also run industrial hygiene programmes, drinking water campaigns for the people of the Community.


CCAL promotes gender equality, both within the organisation and within the community. Though we are in the chemicals industry, a traditionally male-dominated field, we believe in implementing policies of diversity and empowerment. We also believe in empowering women in the , setting up homes and hostels for women and orphans, setting up old age homes day care center and such other facilities for senior citizens.

Community Development – Annual cash assistance and Medical aid to Local Villagers
Cash Award to Village Toppers
Public Announcement system to Govt Primary School, Periya Kalapet
Periya Kalapet pond rejuvenation work
Educational Assistance to Villagers
Blood Donation Camp in tie up with JIPMER Hospital
Bhoomi Pooja – Kalapet Pond Rejuvenation
Drinking water for Chunampet Colony Village
Flood Relief to Villagers
Awareness program at Pondicherry Engineering College
Awareness program – Jawahar Navodhaya, Kalapet
Awareness program – Nirmalayam training institute for local community women
Educational Assistance to Local Villagers
Nourishing children’s creativity at local schools
Trees plantation in Puducherry-Tindivanam Highway in association with Annapradoshana Trust
Water & Road Facilities to Local Villages at Villipakkam & Kanthadu
Local Community Awareness Program