Founder Chairman

About the Founder Chairman

Dr C H Krishnamurthi Rao, Founder Chairman of the Group, born in Coimbatore, completed his degree in Mechanical Engineering, PSG College of Engineering, Coimbatore, University of Madras. After Engineering, he joined Everest Engineering, Coimbatore, as a Site Engineer. He worked for five years in various places like Coimbatore, Mettur, Tiruchi, Chennai and Mandya. He moved on to do his Ph.D in Doctorate of Technology Management at the Birla Institute of Technology and Science, (BITS) Pilani, at the age of 54. He was also qualified as a P.E from Institution of Engineers (India) and was awarded Fellowship (FNAE) at the Indian National Academy of Engineering.

An Entrepreneur Par Excellence

Dr Rao, had over four decades of research experience in the areas of energy conservation, environmental protection, water management, life sciences and had steadfastly led the Company for more than four decades and to position India as a Technology Leader. Through his intensive and penchant for world-class performance, the Group has excelled in the global arena, creating reputable inventions that made its mark on the international arena.

The technologies he introduced, though innovative and challenging, were equally risky in terms of investment and corporate image. He had to face stiff resistance along the way from conservative parties who were opposed to newer and untested technologies which they feared would not integrate well into local conditions. The technologies he introduced successfully have turned out to be a “trendsetter”.

Dr Rao, with his farsightedness, perseverance and quest for innovations, has helped the Group to achieve its current success. He had always maintained a “clean and green” stance – that all his business undertakings are aimed at, for the betterment of environment, energy conservation, the well being of the earth and its citizens. Now the Chemfab is a member of Dr Rao Holdings, Singapore which is the Corporate headquarters.

Technocrat, Master Innovator and a Visionary : Dr C H Krishnamurthi Rao
Founder Chairman
07.11.1940 – 19.01.2012