Company Profile

Chemfab Alkalis Limited (CCAL)  has established the first membrane cell plant for Chloralkali production in India; it has also built a long legacy of sustainability and diversity in the workplace. CCAL is one of the first major chemical organisations in India to introduce and implement innovative technologies successfully, and stay at the forefront of the industry. With considerable investment in processes and quality improvement, CCAL’s operations have been at the cutting-edge of technology since its inception.

CCAL, established by Dr. Rao in 1985, has many ‘first’ to its credit and has received numerous patents and worldwide recognition for the viability and implementation of various innovative technologies in the Chloralkali sector.

Notably, adoption of Membrane Technology for Chloralkali production in its Kalapet facility has resulted in nationwide reform of the sector. Today, all new and expanding Chloralkali plants in India must implement Membrane Technology – that was once believed to be unviable and impractical.

Our Founder’s farsightedness, perseverance and quest for excellence have driven our success. His ‘green’ stance has resulted in innovations for the betterment of the environment and the well-being of the earth’s citizens.

Working with local communities, and with a group of diverse and talented employees, we are proud to say that the company has spearheaded many firsts in the industry and in the country. Making a difference in technology and society, alike!