Chemfab Alkalis Ltd.- Salt Division – 1

Situated in Tamil Nadu, just 30km from CCAL Puducherry, Salt Division-1 spreads across two large salt fields – Kanthadu, in the Villupuram District, and Chunampet in the Kanchipuram District.

The Kanthadu portion of CCAL salt fields spreads across a vast 1,223 acres, and Chunampet spreads across 450 acres.

This prime coastal property in mainland India’s southernmost state is ideal for salt production.

Salt production has been the main activity in the area for the past 100 years. Earlier this field was under the possession of Jameen. In the year 1992, Salt Division-1 took over the operation for producing Industrial Grade salt for use at Chemfab Alkalis Limited, located at Kalapet, Puducherry.


Situated in Tamil Nadu, just 30km from CCAL Puducherry

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Technology and Manufacturing Process

Industrial grade salt is produced at Chemfab Alkalis Ltd. Salt Division-1 through natural solar evaporation

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Sustainability Description text paragraph

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Edible and industrial grade salt

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